Tuesday, 6 December 2011



Circle the best answer.
     1.   My uncle lives ________ Kuala
           A. on                           C. in                 
           B. under                       D. above
9.  The girl fell ___________ the 
      ladder and broke her leg.
       A. up                    C. with
       B. off                   D. down

     2.  Walk _______ Jalan Satu and    
     you will see a mosque on your  left.
           A. on                C. over           
           B. along            D. below 

10.  Asyikin took _______ her shoes      
      before going into the mosque.
       A. off                   C. by
       B. since                D. before
3.   Kamariah received a letter ____ 
      her cousin in Kuala Lumpur.
           A. with             C. from                 
           B. by                D. of   
11. Don’t forget to bring ________ your
       A. by                    C. along
       B. off                   D. in

     4.   They  could not carry the big 
           cupboard          __________ the 
           small door.
           A. across           C. in 
           B. over               D. through

12.  Is there a cat ______ the bed ?
       A. under               C. down
       B. along                D. around

     5.  Where do you usually go 
           __________ the holidays.
          A. during             C. on
          B. in                    D. by
13. They went to the hospital ______   
      the morning.
        A. on                   C. in
        B. at                    D. about

     6. The poor man has not taken his 
         food _______  yesterday.
         A. at                   C. by                  
         B. since              D. for 
14. You have to walk _______ the field
to get to my house.
       A. among             C. above
       B. across               D. against

     7.  Sharaza likes to walk _______ 
          the seashore       with her friends.
          A. with              C. along
          B. over              D. to
15.  Zuraida lives in a big house    
       _______ the mosque.
       A. about               C. along
       B. around             D. near

     8. Rohana puts some sugar 
          _______ the cup of coffee.
         A. in                   C. into
         B. on                  D. at
16.  I have got only a ringgit _______
        my  purse.
        A. on                   C. under
        B. in                    D. with