Tuesday, 6 December 2011



  1. The actress is rich _______ famous.
            A. or                    C. but
            B. and                  D. because
9. Either Zurhan ______ Yusri
    are going to the show.
    A. and                  C. or
    B. but                   D. nor

  1. The durians were thrown away ________ they were rotten.
     A. because          C. or
     B. so                    D. but
10. Neither Aleia ______ Affiqah
      are going to the party.
      A. and                  C. but
      B. nor                   D. or

  1. You may use a red pen ______ a blue one.
     A. so                    C. but
     B. or                     D. if
11. Athirah wants to win the
      competition _________she
      practices every day.
     A. or                   C. so
     B. but                  D. because

  1. Affiqah cooked dinner ___________ her mother was ill.
      A. but                  C. and
      B. because           D. therefore
12. Amirah likes to eat durian _____
      her brother does not.
     A. or                     C. and
     B. but                   D. because

  1. Puan Rohana bought a recipe book_____she can learn how to cook.
      A. so                     C. or
      B. if                      D. and
13. Are those your shirts ______
      Najwa ?
      A. or                     C. so
      B. but                    D. because

  1. The car could not start _________ my mother had to take a bus to work this morning.
     A. but                    C. if
     B. or                      D. therefore
14. Puan Rohana went to the shop
      to buy milk ________ bread.
     A. or                      C. but
     B. and                   D. because

  1. Encik Shuib is busy now _________ he can’t see you.
            A. but                    C. so
            B. if                       D. or

15. We told Suhairi________
      Hamid about the good news.
     A. so                     C. or
     B. but                    D. and

  1. Would you like tea _______coffee ?
            A. so                          C. but
            B. or                          D. and
16. Anuar did his work
     carefully_____ he did not want
     to make any mistakes.
     A. and                  C. but
     B. because           D. or